Suliana Manley
Associate professor
PhD, physics, Harvard University 2004
Office: BSP427
Anna Archetti
Doctoral student
MSc, physics, University of Trento 2013
Office: BSP424
Juliette Griffié
Postdoctoral fellow
PhD, physics, cell and molecular biophysics, King’s College London 2017
Tatjana Kleele
EMBO postdoctoral fellow
PhD, biology, Technical University Munich 2014
Office: BSP428
Sofia Magkiriadou
Postdoctoral fellow
PhD, physics, Harvard University 2014
Office: BSP425
Dora Mahecic
Doctoral student
MSc, physics, EPFL 2016
Office: BSP428
Timo Rey
Doctoral student
MSc, biophysics, ETH Zurich 2016
Office: BSP424
Christian Sieben 
Postdoctoral fellow
PhD, biology, Humboldt University of Berlin 2013
Office: BSP425
Chen Zhang
Doctoral student
MSc, chemical biology, ShanghaiTech University 2018
Office: BSP425
 Isabelle Coke
Administrative assistant
Office: BSP426
Phone: +41 (0)21 693 5574
Hélène Perreten
Laboratory technician
Office : BSP423