News and Events

October 2017

We had a blast working with the groups of Robbie Loewith and Paul Guichard on imaging TORC1 structures in yeast. This work is now published in Nature (online October 4).

April 2017

Our collaborative work on telomeres with Joachim Lingner‘s group has come out in Genes & Development. Back-to-back studies with Titia de Lange / Xiaowei Zhuang showing that telomere decompaction is not a necessary component of DNA damage response, contrary to previously published work.

December 2016

Lina Carlini described some of her thesis work in this episode of “Snapshots of Chemical Biology.”

October 2016

Kyle, Christian, Anna and Ambroise’s work on large field-of-view STORM has come out in Nature Photonics. Check it out online:

October 2016

Lina Carlini was awarded a Chorafas Prize “For her outstanding contributions to the field of super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, with novel discoveries revealing the fundamental physical processes of organelle dynamics in living cells.” Congratulations Lina!

July 2016

Congratulations to Tatjana Kleele on being awarded an EMBO Long-Term Fellowship!


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